Planning a ski trip to Japan: A ski map of Hokkaido

As part of my research into my first ski trip in Japan, I have been researching the different places to go.

I am a relative beginner with little over a week of experience, but I’m wanting somewhere with the best snow, a good mix of slopes, and away from the crowds. In Hokkaido, we’re spoilt for choice and it can be quite bewildering to know where to go, where to stay and how to get around.

I put together the map of Hokkaido ski resorts below as an evolving work to help understand the different regions in Hokkaido for skiing. I haven’t actually been to any of the places below yet, but it is quite a useful tool for putting together my plans. I have also saved piste maps into each of the resorts – zoom in and click a ski icon to take a look.

Full screen version: click here.

It seems that many of the most exciting and promising resorts can be accessed within a couple of hours of Sapporo by train, even the distant Tomamu in the east. With a JR pass, it’s very easy to get about by train, and it will likely be cheaper to stay in Sapporo and do day trips to lots of different resorts. Furano is the only significant exception that’s a little too far – maybe a couple of days at a hotel there?

The PowderHounds website (and their own ski map) was an excellent resource in my map and my own planning. I recommend you take a look, especially at their list of top resorts.

Anything I’ve missed out? Any other amazing places you can recommend?

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