A mix of favourite and interesting plugins for Grasshopper.

Energy and building simulation

Ladybug and Honeybee Import EPW files, solar radiation analysis, daylight calculations, thermal calculations
Diva for Rhino Daylight calculations
mr comfy Thermal and daylight calculations


Jackalope Rhino morph operations
Lunchbox Convert surfaces to panels
MeshEdit Essential mesh manipulation tools


Octopus Multi-objective optimisation
Lunchbox Read and write to Excel
GeometryGym Move geometry between different BIM/analysis file formats
Firefly Arduino control and internet data control
Mosquito Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps queries


Giulo Piacentino’s renderAnimation Generate frames for animation
Horster Control Rhino camera


Elk Process OpenStreetMap OSM data and USGS HGT height data

…and of course there is the Food4Rhino directory for the full list of the most popular components.