Git: Create a new branch and push to Bitbucket

For a team project, we are using Git and Bitbucket to manage our repository.

The setup

Somebody else has started a new project in a new repository. This repository can be seen on BitBucket, with a single master branch.

I want to download this repository to my own computer. I want to work on the project in my own branch, periodically saving the branch back to the repository for safety. When I’m finished, I want to merge my branch back with the master branch.

How do I do this?

Here is my cheatsheet for creating a new branch from the master branch on an existing project, working on it, then pushing my branch back to the repository.

Git cheatsheet

In Windows Explorer, create or open a folder to hold your various Git projects. In it, right-click and Git Bash Here.

Clone from the server to your computer:

git clone

This will create a new folder on your computer with the repository files inside.

Change directory to go inside the newly created project folder:

cd project-name

Create a branch:

git branch JR-branch

Use checkout to switch to a branch:

git checkout JR-branch

Add any new files:

git add * 

Commit any changes. Note that nothing is uploaded yet!

git commit -m "comment"

Upload (“push“) your changes to the repository:

git push origin JR-branch

You should now see your branch on your Bitbucket project.


The ‘no deep shit’ guide to Git – highly recommended

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