Area of a mesh face in C# in Grasshopper

Another quick script for handing meshes – this time to find the area of a mesh face.

This script is in C# and can be easily used with the C# component in Grasshopper. Copy the script into the ‘custom additional code’ section. It is written as a method, so you can easily call it. In the ‘RunScript’ section, call the method with something like:

double area = Area(3, myMesh)

This will return the area of the third face in the mesh called myMesh.

The method itself to calculate the area of a mesh face is below. Of course, you can use this method in any C# application, not just Grasshopper – you’ll just need to modify the code to fit whatever data structure your mesh uses.

  double Area(int meshfaceindex, Mesh m)
    //get points into a nice, concise format
    Point3d[] pts = new Point3d[4];
    pts[0] = m.Vertices[m.Faces[meshfaceindex].A];
    pts[1] = m.Vertices[m.Faces[meshfaceindex].B];
    pts[2] = m.Vertices[m.Faces[meshfaceindex].C];
    if(m.Faces[meshfaceindex].IsQuad) pts[3] = m.Vertices[m.Faces[meshfaceindex].D];

    //calculate areas of triangles
    double a = pts[0].DistanceTo(pts[1]);
    double b = pts[1].DistanceTo(pts[2]);
    double c = pts[2].DistanceTo(pts[0]);
    double p = 0.5 * (a + b + c);
    double area1 = Math.Sqrt(p * (p - a) * (p - b) * (p - c));

    //if quad, calc area of second triangle
    double area2 = 0;
      a = pts[0].DistanceTo(pts[2]);
      b = pts[2].DistanceTo(pts[3]);
      c = pts[3].DistanceTo(pts[0]);
      p = 0.5 * (a + b + c);
      area2 = Math.Sqrt(p * (p - a) * (p - b) * (p - c));

    return area1 + area2;

This script is based upon Heron’s Formula, which calculates the area of a triangle based upon knowing its three lengths. The script also calculates the area for quads. It does this by dividing the quad into two triangles.


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