Append menu items to Grasshopper components with C#

How to add items to the right-click menu in Grasshopper.

This example shows how we can add a text item to the right-click menu, and change a field within the class of our Grasshopper component.

Custom menu item in right click menu in Grasshopper

The code to do this is written for compiled C# components written in an environment such as Visual Studio. Add these methods to your component class.

        protected override void AppendAdditionalComponentMenuItems(System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripDropDown menu)
            Menu_AppendItem(menu, "Flip myBool", Menu_DoClick);

        private void Menu_DoClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
            myBool = !myBool;
        public bool myBool = false; 

This creates the menu item called ‘Flip myBool’ when we right-click the component. When we click on the menu item, it calls the Menu_DoClick method. We can define any method (with any name) that we want here.


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